Onsite Training

Neotech has an experienced team of licensed Clinical Consultants who work with hospitals providing educational support and in servicing.

Our highly specialized team is located throughout the United States. Their expertise in the neonatal, pediatric and respiratory fields is designed to provide you with the safe and proper use of our products.

Clinical Consultants can provide onsite in servicing for your staff including night and weekend shifts. Our Clinical Consultants are also available to assist our distributor reps.

If you are interested in on site training please contact our office at (800)966-0500 or e-mail the Account Specialist who handles your state.

Call Support

For any inquiries that may need immediate response, our friendly, knowledgeable staff offers phone and email support.

Gratitude from Our Valued Customers


I wanted to tell you how much we all appreciate you being here and helping with our NeoBar transition. You really went above and beyond to make sure we, RT’s and RN’s, were comfortable and especially coming back in to work with the night shift was greatly appreciated! I have heard much gratitude from the folks on nights for your time.

I have enjoyed working with you these past couple of days and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.

Julie K, BHS, RRT

Education Coordinator, Respiratory Care

* * *

NICU Nurses and Respiratory Therapists Wanted for Neotech’s Clinical Consultant Program



Neotech has a very successful Clinical Consultant program and we are looking for professionals to cover specific geographic areas. Our objective is to have licensed RN’s and RT’s throughout the country who have the ability to teach other clinicians how to properly use Neotech products. The consultant will travel to hospitals in their geographic zone.



  • The clinician must be licensed in their respective areas of expertise
  • The clinician must have prior knowledge or experience using Neotech products (particularly the NeoBar)
  • Prior experience educating/training other professionals on the use of medical devices is beneficial
  • Must complete all necessary paperwork prior to beginning to work for Neotech



  • Contact hospitals to confirm need of services and schedule appropriate times for in-servicing
  • Contact Neotech for sample requirements and to approve estimated in-service hours before commencing
  • Visit hospital and train staff appropriately on the use of Neotech products
  • Complete summary report and return to Neotech



  • Attend trade shows and work the Neotech booth as needed
  • Attend one-day seminars at hospitals as needed
  • Look for new product ideas while in the field
  • Introduce new Neotech products to hospitals
  • Provide Neotech with input on new products
  • Undertake clinical investigations of new or existing products





  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • Colorado



  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Tennesee



  • New York
  • Maine



  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin



To learn more about Neotech’s Clinical Consultant program, please email a resume/CV to Sara Dimmitt at sara@neotechproducts.com