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Marcos Rubalcava

Account Resource Customer Support

Full Service Customer Support

We believe the best sales technique is top-notch product and customer support. Marcos is a member for our exceptionally responsive Account Resource team.

Often referred to as “Sales,” Neotech’s Account Resource department is much more than your typical sales team. They’re here to provide customer support and facilitate product education. When you’re in need of samples, information or support for products such as NeoBar®, NeoLead® and NeoBridge®, the Account Resource Coordinators are quick to assist you.

Marcos joined the Neotech team in 2016 as an Account Resource Coordinator. He manages domestic healthcare sales for the West Coast.

“I truly love coming to work each day. I have come to love my co-workers as family. We are a small, tight knit group who all work together towards common goals. Everyone in the company plays an integral part in the overall mission. We help provide life saving devices to critically ill newborns and pediatric patients. We work as a well-oiled unit to provide customer support. It is clear that everyone has bought in to what we are doing here,” Marcos said.

Before coming to Neotech, Marcos worked in sales for a medical supply company that focused on patient identification. He spent nine years there and learned a lot about the landscape of the healthcare industry. During his time there, he was fortunate to work with a lot of talented individuals who served as valuable mentors.

The Perfect Fit

Marcos feels a strong sense of duty to give back to the populations who need the most help. He obtained his BA in Psychology from California State University of Northridge and his Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis on non-profit management. He set out to get his Masters with the intention of working with the non-profit sector. It would seem by fate that he found Neotech right around the time he began the pursuit of his Masters degree.

“I knew almost instantly [Neotech] was the perfect fit. Neotech does so much to give back to the premature population. We donate products to clinicians working in third world countries. We help parents right here in our own country who are in dire need of product for their children. I’ve witnessed incredible generosity in many forms since I began working here. It is an incredible feeling to know you are working for a company with heart. One that goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional customer support to those in need,” Marcos said.

When he’s not providing customer support, Marcos loves spending time with his family and playing hockey. He has been an avid player since he was a child and is still at it today. Whether it’s roller hockey or ice hockey, he plays two to three times a week plus the occasional tournament. Marcos also enjoys snowboarding and recently took his son for the first time to teach him. “It was a special milestone experience,” Marcos said.

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