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Neotech App

With the Neotech App, you have access to the most up-to-date marketing and training materials. Including product sell sheets, multi-language Directions for Use (IFU), how-to slides, and more.

The content of the Neotech App is developed for sales team members, distributors, and medical professionals. It is accessible by User License, granted by Neotech Products LLC.

Neotech App features:

  • Compatible on iPhone and iPad
  • Compliant files are automatically downloaded onto your device and so are available offline
  • Files are updated automatically when new revisions are released
  • Search content through with lightning quick keyword search
  • Supports all common file formats: PDFs, Video, Music, HTML, MS Office, etc.
  • Send files via email, Airdrop, chat, and others
  • Annotate onto files for interactive presentations and filling out forms

The Neotech App was developed by Crescendo 

Contact to learn more about accessing and downloading the app. Click here to read our Neotech App Privacy Policy

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