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Little suction tip with thumb port

The Original Little Sucker Family

Little Suction Tips Designed for the NICU and Beyond Our patented little suction tips are great for use in the NICU, the PICU and Home Health care.  Neotech’s original Little Sucker® Oral and Nasal Suction Device was the first to feature a thumb port. This revolutionary port provides control to the clinician; allowing for intermittent

NYFD 9/11

Neotech Remembers 9/11

NYFD Deputy Chief Joseph Curry at the World Trade Center on September 14, 2001. Neotech honors the 9/11 first responders and all who came together afterwards.

Neotech NNNC 17

Come see Neotech at NNNC 2017!

Neotech Products Exhibiting at NNNC Next Week Visit Noetech at the 17th annual National Neonatal Nurses Conference, booth #211, as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary! We always love showing off our new products to the NNNC crowd. Like our new NeoGlo™ Transilluminator. Be among the first to purchase this new, one-0f-a-kind vein finder! Buy yours

Neotech Products preemie

Neotech in the News: Huffington Post

Preemie Born En Caul Uses Neotech Products Neotech Products plays a small roll in this uplifting story from the Huffington Post. Raelin Scurry thought she was having Braxton Hicks contractions. Her baby wasn’t due until October 18th. However, little Ean Jamal Vanstory Jr. had other plans. He was delivered in the car on the way to

transilluminator vein finder

New NeoGlo Released for Sale

Neotech Releases NeoGlo™ Transilluminator (Vein Finder) Valencia, CA: Neotech Products is excited to announce the release of their newest product, the NeoGlo Transilluminator vein finder. The NeoGlo is a hand-held, battery-powered light that transmits light through tissues. It is used to find veins, arteries and other internal structures. The NeoGlo features LED lights that are cool to

Neotech Makes Cameo in NBC Harvey News

Hurricane Harvey has forced the evacuation of several hospitals in the region. And many other displaced families were left without medications or other medical supplies. Critical cases, including the medically fragile newborn in the story, were flown out of the area ahead of the storm. Watch this video from NBC Nightly News. Neotech products make

Vein light transillumination device

New NeoGlo Revealed at CARES Conference

A New Vein Light Emerges On Thursday, August 17th, Neotech announced the upcoming release of its latest product–the NeoGlo Transilluminator! The announcement occurred at the 4th annual Neotech CARES. The attendees consisted mostly of NICU nurses and respiratory therapists. They were treated to the premiere of the teaser video below; introducing the new transillumination device.

The Colors of Neotech

Within the walls of Neotech our backgrounds are different, our talents are varied, and our interests are widespread. Many speak Spanish. A few speak Farsi. One speaks Hungarian. Some like basketball. Others prefer hockey. We have single parents. We have grandparents. We have pet parents. Our differences go on and on. While we celebrate these

Neotech Curved Sucker in use | Suction tip

Making A Difference…One Sucker at a Time

By Judy McCrary, Executive Director for Sales & Marketing at Neotech Products When I became an RT in 1976, the standard in the US for oral suctioning devices was a hard plastic curved suction device. One of my first memories as an RT was when I was suctioning an older patient and he bit down

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