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Giving with Purpose

Giving has been ingrained in the Neotech culture from the start. It began year one, in 1987, when we donated several units of the Neotech Meconium Aspirator to doctors traveling abroad. It was a fairly small gesture on our part, but for the grateful doctors who received them… we were truly Making a Difference.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

The culture of giving has endured and grown over time. We’ve donated products to clinicians on missionary work. We’ve contributed money to non-profit organizations and employee-driven fundraising efforts. We have established research grants and scholarship funds. When people asked, we responded. And we did so, quietly, for decades.

Now, Neotech is taking a more proactive approach. We are pleased to introduce our next chapter: Neotech Being the Difference… Giving with Purpose. Being the Difference is a formal donation program developed for purposeful giving aligned with our core values and goals. Click on a category above to apply.

Research Grants

Neotech also offers monetary and product support to clinical research initiatives that focus on the use of Neotech products.

Being the Difference

Valued relationships. Giving with purpose. People using business as a force for good™. See the stories that make up our culture.

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