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Meconium Aspirator Launched June 1986

Developed under the previous company name, Hospital Concepts, Inc. (HCI), the MA was the first product introduced into the neonatal space.

Neotech Products Founded April 1987

Company name changed from HCI to Neotech, which stood for new technology. There was no intention to focus on neonatal care at this time.

Neotech Celebrates 10 Years April 1997

After ten years, the best is just about to come. Neotech turns a corner and truly establishes its direction.

First Neonatal Conference Appearance September 1997

Neotech exhibits at NANN with its two latest neonatal products on full display…

NeoShades Launched September 1997

With a simple, but cute sunglasses design, Neotech introduces some whimsy into the NICU with truly unique phototherapy eye shields.

NeoBar Launched September 1997

A revolutionary new ET tube holder hits the market and eliminates the need for potentially harmful tape on the patient’s fragile skin.

NeoLead Launched January 2002

Neotech introduces an electrode with a hydrocolloid border designed for longer lasting adhesion.

Little Sucker Launched April 2002

The patented thumb port allows the clinician to control oral and nasal suction.

Move to Valencia January 2005

Neotech outgrows it’s space and moves to a new warehouse building in Valencia, CA.

Little Sucker Nasal Tip Launched May 2005

A new suction device designed specifically for nasal suction. The same soft material as the popular original Little Sucker with a special time to help minimize trauma.

Clinical Consultant Program August 2005

Neotech introduces a team of “super user” clinicians as a resource to train hospital staff on the safe and effective use of Neotech products.

Radiolucent NeoLead Launched February 2006

Neotech offers a second NeoLead that is nearly invisible on x-rays featuring the same hydrocolloid border.

EZCare Launched March 2007

Neotech offers style and comfort with a new line of tracheostomy tube holder featuring bright colors and patterns, including camouflage.

Micro NeoLead Launched September 2008

A new, smaller NeoLead that’s perfect for use as a limb lead. Radiolucent with the same patented combination of hydrogel and hydrocolloid.

NeoFoam Introduced June 2009

Neotech releases NeoShades with Headstrap featuring an amazing new material—NeoFoam! You have to feel it to believe it.

EZCare Softouch Launched March 2010

The amazing, skin friendly NeoFoam material is utilized to create a lightweight, form fitting trach tie designed for comfort. It’s like nothing else on the market.

RAM Cannula Launched November 2011

The RAM Cannula revolutionizes neonatal respiratory care.

Neotech Home Health January 2012

Neotech identifies a need to help parents transition from hospital to home and to help ensure they get the Neotech products they know and love through their DME.

Neotech Research Program February 2012

Neotech announces annual grants awarded for various clinical research involving Neotech products

Neotech Celebrates 25 Years April 2012

Twenty-five years of Making a Difference! Neotech has become a well respected leader in disposable, skin friendly products for neonatal and pediatric care.

Mini NeoLead Launched December 2012

The same sensor as our standard NeoLead, but with a smaller overall surface area for a better fit on smaller preemies.

Neotech CARES August 2014

Local NICU nurses and respiratory therapists earn continuing education hours at the first ever Neotech Clinical And Research Educational Symposium.

Moving On Up September 2015

Neotech moves to Witherspoon Parkway, doubling the office and warehouse space.

Pediatric RAM Sizes Launched March 2016

With the success of the RAM Cannula, came the need for larger sizes to be used for older pediatric patients.

ISO Certification Awarded December 2016

ISO standards are highly regarded around the world, and even mandatory in many countries. Neotech is ISO 13485:2003 Certified and strengthens its international presence. We became ISO 13485:2016 Certified shortly thereafter.

Neotech Becomes LLC April 2017

The transition of ownership ensures that Neotech will continue to Make a Difference as a family owned business.

Neotech Celebrates 30 Years April 2017

Three decades in and Neotech is stronger than ever, poised for unlimited growth and innovation.

NeoSucker Curved Launched June 2017

Sometimes a simple change can make a big improvement. By applying a curved shape to an existing product, Neotech offers a softer alternative to hard plastic.

NeoGlo Launched August 2017

The first electronic device from Neotech Products is designed with individual style and personal preference in mind.

NeoHeart Launched July 2019

Developed as a direct answer to NRP guidelines regarding ECG monitoring in the delivery room.

NeoHug Launched October 2019

A simple, yet versatile device that gives you an extra set of hands. The cute design adds a splash of color and character to all areas of the hospital.

Being the Difference May 2020

Giving with purpose at! Neotech introduces its formal charitable giving program, offering product donations, monetary donations, and scholarship aid.

Certified B Corporation® July 2020

Neotech earns B Corp certification, further cementing its culture as People Using Business as a Force for Good™.

NeoSmile Plus Launched January 2021

A temp probe cover that can be repositioned! The NeoSmile Plus features a unique silicone gel base that can be adjusted as needed.

NeoGlo Disposable Launched April 2021

Neotech introduces a one-of-a-kind transilluminator. An affordable option designed for single patient use. Features a USB power cord. No batteries!

NeoHug® with a Smile August 2021

Neotech introduces a second NeoHug that features our iconic smiley face logo. Now you have two options for the Utility Device Holder: the NEW Smile or the original Chimp.

Neotech Celebrates 35 Years April 2022

Our dedicated team members have been Making a Difference for 35 years! Thirty-five years of helping babies, children, and their caregivers.

Neotech Acquires the Bridge December 2022

Company adds the Breastfeeding Assistance Device to its product catalog. The revolutionary Bridge is useful for the majority of moms who experience challenges with breastfeeding.

NeoSnug Launched August 2023

Neotech release a new tubing holder ideal for nasogastric tubing. With its unique, pre-cut shape, tubes can be secured under the nose, close to the nares.

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