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Neotech Products Releases NeoPockets™

Neotech Products is excited to announce the release of their newest product NeoPockets™ Personal Incubator Organizer.

Invented by a NICU nurse, NeoPockets is a simple idea that offers the best solution for a big problem–tape residue on the incubator. NeoPockets is made from crystal clear static cling vinyl so there is no need for tape. Just lay the NeoPockets on top of the incubator and reposition as needed. It features three pockets for patient information, a thermometer, family photos, and more.

When the baby goes home, simply peel off NeoPockets and discard. There’s no need to scrub tape residue, which can damage the plastic, or use harsh chemicals. Improve efficiency in your unit by eliminating clean up time!

Click Here to order your free sample!

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