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Vendor Appreciation Day: We Love Our Vendors!

Neotech loves its vendors! We appreciate the work that they do for us day in and day out so much that we celebrate them every year during our Vendor Appreciation Day, which was held this year on Thursday, May 11th.

This year, in honor of our 30th Anniversary, we hosted a birthday celebration! It was our birthday, but the party was for the vendors.

We also celebrated the life of our late co-founder, Tom Thornbury. In honor of Tom, Neotech Products created The Tom Thornbury Educational Scholarship, which is awarded every year to two Neotech employees or their family members who are currently pursuing higher education.

Vendor Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to interact with our vendors on a social level and for them to network with each other.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors over the last 30 years and many have become real friends to Neotech. They all have a special place in our corporate history.

We take great pride in having vendor loyalty. We appreciate their services and we enjoy having them all contribute to our MADE IN USA mission.

On behalf of Neotech Products, we say THANK YOU to everyone who provides products and services to help us to Make a Difference!

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