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Neotech Releases Curved Sucker XL! | Suction Tip

Neotech Curved Sucker in use | Suction tip

Neotech Products is excited to announce the release of their newest product, the Curved Sucker XL Oral and Nasal Suction Device, Suction Tip.

The Curved Sucker XL was designed with pediatric patients in mind. While other hard plastic products may be harmful to the patient’s teeth and can crack, the Curved Sucker’s softer, gentler material may help prevent mouth trauma for patients who may bite down hard onto the suction device.

“When customers talk, we listen,” said Neotech Products President Craig McCrary. “Based on input from clinicians and parents, Neotech decided to modify our Snorkel suction device into the Curved Sucker XL.”

“Competitive alternatives are hard plastic which could be problematic if a patient bites down. We designed the Curved Sucker XL with a soft, curved large bore suction tip that’s more anatomically correct for oral suctioning. At Neotech, a patient’s safety and comfort always come first,” McCrary said.

“I’m so excited about the new Curved Sucker XL!” said Sasha Ramini, CRNP, Neuro-Oncology at Children’s of Alabama. “Not only is it anatomically designed to allow for easier suction and patient comfort, the material is also safer for patients and can withstand strong force such as jaw clenching during seizure episodes,” Ramini said.

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Keep an eye out for other exciting changes and additions to the Neotech line of suction devices and accessories!

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