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Making A Difference…One Sucker at a Time

Neotech Curved Sucker in use | Suction tip

By Judy McCrary, Executive Director for Sales & Marketing at Neotech Products

When I became an RT in 1976, the standard in the US for oral suctioning devices was a hard plastic curved suction device.

One of my first memories as an RT was when I was suctioning an older patient and he bit down on the device. He clenched down so hard I was afraid that he was going to break his teeth on the hard plastic or break the device.

Flash forward to the early 2000s when my husband Craig was working at Neotech Products as the General Manager and the Little Sucker® Oral and Nasal Suction Device was released. This unique device was softer and flexible.

One of Neotech’s early demonstrations for the Little Sucker’s performance pitted it against a container filled with thick hair gel. The Little Sucker was connected to a suctioning line and suctioned the hair gel with ease.

I was blown away at its strong performance while being made out of a softer, gentler material. All I ever knew was hard plastic devices for suctioning. This new device was a revelation to me.

In 2012, I was asked to join the Neotech family and create a Home Health division for Neotech. While we were creating the Home Health division, we soon realized that the pediatric market is vast and varied. It was at that time that we created and launched the Snorkel™. The Snorkel was made out of the same material as the Little Sucker but it was much longer and larger.

While the Snorkel filled the gap in our product line between neonates and pediatrics, I was still not satisfied. I knew that the standard for suctioning was still the curved hard plastic device. As an RT, I knew that there were still patients out there who could hurt themselves during a seizure. Patients could crack their teeth if they clenched down on the hard plastic device. If they clenched hard enough, they could even break it.

With that in mind, we decided to redesign the Snorkel by narrowing the tip and curving the device. Today, we are proud to have the Curved Sucker XL released for sale.

The Curved Sucker XL is a softer, gentler alternative to hard plastic suctioning devices. Made out of the same material as our Little Sucker devices, the Curved Sucker XL is designed to help prevent against mouth trauma if a patient bites down on the device.

Through the years, I have watched the Neotech product line grow. I am proud to be a part of the process that Makes a Difference in the lives of patients, parents, and clinicians around the world.

Look for other exciting changes and additions to the Neotech line of suction devices and accessories soon!

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