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Pediatric Products for Children of All Sizes

Pediatric products - RAM Cannula

Developing Products That Are Just Right

Neotech forged its reputation in the NICU, but we’re dedicated to providing pediatric products for patients of all ages.

As Goldilocks taught us, sometimes you need just the right one.

In the beginning, Neotech’s goal was to design and develop products specifically for the NICU. We saw a desperate need for specialized products and we made a conscious effort to address it. So we manufactured really small products made with softer materials and more gentle adhesives.

We soon learned, however, that babies grow. Brilliant, right? It seemed that whenever we launched a new product, we would inevitably hear, “do you have a larger size?” EZ-Hold®, NeoBridge® and NeoPulse™ are just a few of the products that started with one size and got bigger. (And sometimes smaller.)

It began with the NeoBar® ET Tube Holder. NeoBar launched with just three sizes. After introducing a couple smaller ones, we got the request for larger sizes. Today, Neotech offers eight NeoBar sizes.

When we introduced the NeoLead® with three electrodes, it wasn’t long before we heard the want for a 5-up NeoLead for pediatric patients. The RAM Cannula® launched with just three sizes and we immediately heard, “this is great, but we need larger sizes for the older patients.”

When we took our line of EZCare® Softouch trach ties to the Home Health market, parents responded with a plea for larger sizes. Even children who do not have the fragile skin of a preemie, still have a need for something skin friendly. When you wear a trach tie daily, your neck will get irritated if you don’t have a comfortable tie.

Neotech grew on the specialized products designed for preemies, but we quickly evolved. Today, product discussions begin with older pediatric products in mind. Neotech built its reputation in the NICU, but we are dedicated to the whole pediatric market.

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