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Craig McCrary

Craig McCrary with Netta

One of the First Neotech Employees

President Craig McCary (left) began his impressively long trek with Neotech in April of 1991.

As the Operations Manager, he was responsible for purchasing, packaging, shipping and invoicing. He’d even take the trash out.

In 1995, the employees finally outnumbered the owners and Craig was promoted to General Manager. He had all the same responsibilities as before, but added sales and marketing to the mix.

When Neotech took a huge leap forward and launched its neonatal line in 1997, Craig was given two business cards: General Manager for high level meetings and Sales Manager for meetings with new distributors, trade shows and hospital visits. It’s unclear whether it was the General Manager or the Sales Manager who tended to the garbage.

Continuing his climb up the ranks, Craig was named Vice President in 2006. In his new high-level role, he oversaw all aspects of the company, including new product development. His thumbprint was pretty much on everything Neotech.

By 2015, Craig was more or less running Neotech top to bottom. Though the owners were still very much involved, Craig was promoted to President and he took on a greater fiscal responsibility. In his role as President, he recognized the need to relinquish some of the responsibilities. Slowly, but surely, the do-it-all Craig began to entrust others with so many of the tasks he used to handle himself. However, you could still find him dealing with the trash when needed.

Craig celebrated 25 years of Making a Difference with Neotech in 2016. He acted as CEO during the ownership transition in 2017; greatly involved in ensuring that Neotech would remain Neotech as it evolved from Inc to LLC. As a reward for his hard work and years of loyal service, Craig was made a share holder. Giving him ownership of the company he has dedicated so much of himself to.

Away from Neotech, Craig would rather be watching cat videos. He enjoys spending time with his wife Judy (of Neotech fame) and their two cats, his children, and his grandchildren. He is an avid San Francisco Giants fan and currently holds bragging rights over the mass of Neotech Dodger fans.

If not for the tireless efforts of Craig McCrary, Neotech Products might be a very different company today. He sets an amazing example for all Neotech employees who are privileged to work for him.

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