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Laken Tambunting

Lake Tambunting - career growth

Taking Advantage of Career Growth Opportunities

Laken started as a purchasing agent and navigated her own unique path to career growth. 

Laken began her career growth journey with Neotech in the winter of 2014. She was introduced through a staffing agency. In the Spring of the same year, she was offered a permanent position as Purchasing Agent.

Over the years, she has taken full advantage of her career growth opportunities. She transitioned from Purchasing Agent/Vendor Relations to Shipping Clerk. Then to Shipping & Logistics Coordinator. Most recently, she was promoted to Warehouse Supervisor.

Her history has molded her into a warehouse expert and “jack of all trades” as she jokes.

Prior to joining Neotech, Laken ran the shipping department for a company that manufactures high-end bath tubs. She scheduled drivers and coordinated all domestic orders to be shipped direct to job sites.

As a child, Laken enjoyed watching basketball and football with her dad. She had little interest in baseball until her son began Little League®.

“That’s when my love for baseball grew,” she said. “And what better team to root for than my home team Los Angeles Dodgers?”

Now, her favorite hobbies include going to Dodger games and watching her son play baseball.

Career Growth Training

Laken was born in Los Angeles and graduated from Sylmar High School Math/Science Technology Magnet. She is the oldest of four siblings and was hugely influenced by her live-in maternal grandmother. “My grandmother helped raise me and my siblings. She taught me just about everything I know. Including speaking, reading, writing, and singing in Spanish.”

She credits her childhood for helping to prepare her for her other job: Mom. Another position where she has achieved career growth.

“Being the oldest, I was responsible for all my siblings. It helped prepared me for my son, who will soon be 13 years old. Being a single parent isn’t always easy, but thanks to my upbringing, I think I’m doing a good job ‘winging’ it as a Boy Mom.”

Laken is a true asset to Neotech and a valued member of the team. She is a shining example career growth. After several years with the company, she reflects, “It’s amazing to me the bond we at Neotech have built as a team. Despite the many obstacles we have come across. Through it all, we still continue to Make a Difference.”

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