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Hunter Velds

Manufacturing Processes to Ensure Quality and Efficiency

Our Manufacturing Engineer implements equipment, technology, and production processes to keep up with Neotech’s high-volume output.

Hunter started working with Neotech in 2021 as a consultant. By January 2022 Hunter had moved to California and accepted an on-site position as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer.

In his role, Hunter works to increase manufacturing output with technology and lean manufacturing principles. His role also requires him to work closely with the Zewski design team. Together, they manage the transition from New Product Development to manufacturing.

“The products that Neotech sells help babies all over the world and I think it is harder to find a better purpose than that,” Hunter said. “‘Saving babies’ was the hook that ultimately reeled me into Neotech and it carries weight for me every day.”

Hunter was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, where he lived before he moved to California to work at Neotech. He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. While in college, he began working in the medical device field. He truly enjoyed working on products that impacted the health and well-being of others.

Since joining Neotech, Hunter has revamped the packaging process for several products, including NeoPulse™, NeoShades®, and NeoBar®, to name a few. He initiated the purchase of a new packaging machine, known as Stella, that will allow these and other products to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently to keep up with growing demand.

Beyond Manufacturing Processes

Hunter currently lives in Santa Clarita with his wife, Danielle. Having grown up in Colorado, he enjoys many outdoor activities including snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Hunter now enjoys the relaxing hobby of fly fishing and would do it every day if he could. He likes to watch most sports, but loves college football most. You can catch him watching the Colorado Buffaloes, Colorado Avalanche, and Formula 1 races.

Hunter has some first-hand experience with the NICU and PICU. “I was born with a heart condition that allowed me to spend some time in [those settings] and have seen some of the Neotech products in action,” he said.

We are thrilled to have Hunter on our team. His upbeat, friendly attitude has a very positive impact on Neotech.

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