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Clinical Consultant Honored

Clinical consultant Sasha and Clinical consultant Terri

Family Conveys Appreciation for Sasha Ramini

Sasha is a Nurse Practitioner and Neotech Clinical Consultant who is making a difference! For both her patients and their families.

Sasha Ramini (left, with fellow consultant, Terri Lichtel) would never share a letter that sang her praises. Fortunately, her husband would. “One of her favorite families sent a letter in about Sasha taking care of their daughter,” he wrote. “I know y’all see Sasha at work in her Neotech world, but thought y’all would appreciate reading about her work at Children’s. I’m just proud of her and wanted to share!”

Letter from a Parent

It’s difficult to put into words the enormity of a childhood cancer diagnosis. Difficult to explain the experience of being a patient and a parent on the receiving end of the words… “It’s malignant.” Initially your mind is thrown into a tailspin of questions, disbelief, and a complete lack of direction. You’re left feeling completely helpless.

Thinking back to our day, before hearing those life altering words, I know I drove my SUV into the parking deck. I know I parked on level 2. I know I walked down the hall to the clinic 8 and made my way to an exam room. But after, I couldn’t have found my way out of that clinic if my life depended on it. I was lost. WE were lost, and we needed help.

Our help came. Her name was Sasha Ramini. She was our compass, our truth North in those days and weeks to follow. I’ve never seen someone fight so fiercely for a child that was not their own. She embraced our entire family and walked beside us through the most difficult time of our lives. Sasha was not just fighting against a disease; she was fighting FOR Kelsie.

Trips to clinic were never dreaded because Kelsie knew she’d be seeing Sasha. Always smiling, always filling up every room she entered with her huge personality. She proved herself to be a woman that loved big and was relentless in her work for the children in her care.

Sometimes people come into our lives and they just fit. Like they’ve always been there. Sasha definitely felt like that to Kelsie. To all of us. She was the piece to our story we didn’t know we needed.

I feel like there are times when it’s about more than just the medicine. There’s another link to the healing process that maybe gets overlooked. I believe that part is connection, compassion, genuine concern. I’m sure in the medical profession it’s easy to grow numb in the attempt to guard your heart from the constant bombardment of bad news. I can imagine that the weight of that alone could be crushing. Sasha Ramini however has somehow managed to balance that. To make it look easy even. And she has done it brilliantly.

She would hate it if I went on and on about how she went above and beyond for our family. Truth is, it was never a matter of going above and beyond for her. It was just Sasha being Sasha. It’s just who she is. An amazing navigator. And an even more amazing cheerleader.

We are honored to call her our friend.

Clinical Consultant

Sasha joined our clinical consultant team in 2010. The group is an extremely valuable extension of the Neotech family. We’ve partnered with these amazing clinicians to offer product insight and in-service training to our customers. But their first job is in the hospital, providing exceptional care for their patients.

Sasha is a Nurse Practitioner in pediatric neuro-oncology. She has worked as an RN in the pediatric ICU and she is the inventor of the Little Sucker Cover.

“Our RRTs and RNs would remove the plunger from a syringe and shove the Sucker in it to protect it from contamination,” Sasha said. “It was that concept that led me to email [Neotech] to begin the process of creating some type of cover for the Little Sucker.”

It was that development interaction that led to Sasha joining our clinical consultant team. We’re extremely fortunate to have her on board. We’re very proud to know that she’s making a difference; not just for us, but for her patients. And we too are honored to call her our friend.

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