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Neotech Launches NeoSmile Plus

temp probe cover with silicone gel base

New Temp Probe Cover Now Available!

Lift it up and stick it back down! The NeoSmile Plus temp probe cover can be repositioned.

NeoSmile Plus features a unique, skin friendly silicone gel base which allows for the temp probe cover to be repositioned with ease!

“Ever since being introduced to silicone adhesives we searched for the right product to implement it. We knew that temp probe covers could be a challenge, but wanted to bring something unique to the market. We started to work with silicone adhesives for this, thus resulting in the creation of the NeoSmile Plus,” said Sara Dimmitt, Manager of Business Development.

The new NeoSmile Plus is a skin friendly option that can be moved or adjusted as needed. Yet, it securely holds the probe in place for reliable readings. The reflective foil cover helps protect the temperature probe from ambient and radiant heat. The foam layer provides added insulation and features a “pocket” for disposable or reusable probes.

NeoSmile Plus front and back

Various test users stated: “Easier to move; a more accurate reading than our current product.” “Sticks better than our old one and it’s smaller.” “I like the thin, low profile.” “Very impressed with this product.”

Neotech now offers two temp probe covers. The new NeoSmile Plus for adaptable placement. And the original NeoSmile with NeoBond Hydrocolloid for long-lasting placement. Both are skin friendly choices that are ideal for fragile neonatal skin. Neither is made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP.

We are very excited to add the NeoSmile Plus Temperature Probe Cover to our continually growing product lineup!

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