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Neonatal ET Tube Support

NeoBar providing neonatal ET tube support

Skin Friendly NeoBar® Offers Ideal ET Tube Securement for Neonates

The NeoBar was the first to feature hydrocolloid. Developed specifically for neonatal ET tube support.

Cloth tape can be an effective way to hold an ET tube in place. However, it can be extremely damaging to the fragile skin of a neonate. NeoBar was designed to offer secure neonatal ET tube support while reducing skin trauma.

Terri Lichtel, BSN & RN is a Neotech Clinical Consultant who facilitates in-service training on the safe and effective use of the NeoBar ET Tube Holder. Prior to adopting the NeoBar, Terri’s unit used cloth tape without a barrier on the skin.

“I knew we needed something different to stabilize the ET tube,” Terri said. “We had issues with skin integrity. Babies that would self extubate and the tape would have to be removed quickly. It was causing a lot of skin tears.

”We tried using Neobar right after I started consulting for Neotech. The goal was to align with the NANN skin care protocol. I liked that it was so loved and had such great reviews. And of course it was great for the babies. It was just perfect to address our issues with its skin friendly hydrocolloid.”

The NeoBar has been successfully used for neonatal ET tube support in hospitals around the world since 1997. It has been praised for its unparalleled ease-of-use for securing et tubes. It can be used effectively whether a patient is supine or prone.

“The NeoBar, when used with proper training, can decrease self extubations,” Terry said. ”It is skin friendly to a population that has the most delicate skin. And parents appreciate that they are able to see their child’s face. I also feel that it is better for the palate by helping to prevent that deep palate groove.”

NeoBond® Hydrocolloid

The NeoBar is one of several Neotech products that features NeoBond® Hydrocolloid. Click here to see our entire line of skin friendly adhesive products.

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