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The Little Sucker® Nasal Tip

The Perfect Alternative to the BBG

Having trouble finding the BBG™? The original USA made Little Sucker Nasal Tip nasal aspirator is the perfect alternative.

Like the BBG, the patented Little Sucker Nasal Tip Nasal Suction Device is engineered to help guard against potential tissue trauma. Our nasal suction tips are great for use in the NICU, the PICU and Home Health care. They are made from soft and flexible hypoallergenic material similar to a bulb syringe that is perfect for delicate babies and fragile preemies. The Little Sucker nasal aspirator features a thumb port allowing for intermittent suctioning which provides greater control to the clinician. It’s designed for single handed use.

The Little Sucker Nasal Tip comes in two sizes, Standard (N225) and Preemie (N224). Like the entire Little Sucker family, the Nasal Tip is proudly made in the USA! Both sizes are in available and in stock. Little Sucker Nasal Tip also a great alternative to the “snot sucker” and other baby nasal aspirators.

We also offer our original Little Sucker and Cover. The Little Sucker (also referred to as NeoSucker) is the premier suctioning device across a variety of pediatric care environments, especially in the NICU. Its durability makes it suitable for parents in a home health setting as well. The clinician-invented Little Sucker Cover is designed to protect the Little Sucker from damage, debris and external contaminants. And the bright blue color makes it easier to find.

In addition to the Little Sucker and Little Sucker Nasal Tip, Neotech also offers the Curved Sucker. This soft suction device is a great alternative to the hard plastic devices on the market. Perfect for older pediatric patients who are prone to biting down on the suction device. Like the Little Suckers, this oral and nasal suction device features a flexible tip similar to a bulb syringe to help prevent mouth trauma and is an ideal bedside addition for patients at risk of seizure.

Download the Little Sucker Nasal Tip Sell Sheet 

Download the Original Little Sucker and Cover Sell Sheet

Download the Curved Sucker Sell Sheet 

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