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New NeoHeart Released for Sale

N336 NeoHeart ECG Pad in-use

Neotech Releases NeoHeart ECG Pad

Neotech Products is excited to announce the release of their newest product, the NeoHeart ECG Pad.

The NeoHeart was designed by a clinician as a solution to meet the new NRP guidelines for neonatal resuscitation by providing an all-in-one ECG pad that can be deployed in seconds, not minutes.

“In a newborn resuscitation, time is everything! What I love about the new Neotech NeoHeart ECG Pad is that with one touch you can apply all three ECG leads securely and out of the way so that everyone can focus on stabilizing the infant and not the equipment,” said Kathi Salley-Randall, MSN, RNC, CNS, NNP-BC.

NeoHeart ECG Pad Family: N335 Small and N336 Large

The NeoHeart ECG Pad features a 3-in-1 pre-wired electrode array and premeasured sensor position for clinician ease of use. It’s one touch application makes it ideal for use in the delivery room. The NeoHeart ECG Pad was engineered for back application, allowing the chest to remain exposed.

“As most of us know, it is extremely difficult to assess heart rate in the first critical minutes of a sick newborns life. Palpation and auscultation of heart rate in the delivery room are not accurate and more importantly take valuable time and hands away from more critical tasks. The new NeoHeart ECG Pad gives accurate heart rate readings in seconds (not minutes) so that we can quickly assess the newborn’s needs and effectiveness of interventions without having to stop to check the heart rate manually,” Salley-Randall said.

NeoHeart is available in two sizes: N335 Small and N336 Large. It is intended for short-term use and can be placed directly over vernix. NeoHeart is made with radiolucent materials, so it is nearly invisible on x-rays.

Call 1-800-966-0500 to inquire about samples.

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