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A Brief Neotech History

Neotech History - original owners

Where We Started & How Far We’ve Come

We reminisce about the Neotech history and take a peek at where we’re headed. After all, we didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Under the guise of its original name–Hospital Concepts, Inc.–Neotech began with more owners (3 – above from left to right, Doc, Tom and Paul) than employees (2). In 1987, the company was renamed for new technology and Neotech Products was born. Though we had introduced the Meconium Aspirator the previous year, Neotech was never intended to be a neonatal-focused company. That happened by sheer chance.

In 1997, Neotech launched two benchmark products that would help to define its path moving forward. The NeoShades Phototherapy Eye Shields and the NeoBar ET Tube Holder made their debut at Neotech’s first-ever NANN Conference.

The rest, as they say, is Neotech history. Neotech continued to churn out new, innovative products developed specifically for neonatal patients. Disposable, skin friendly products were the emphasis. Materials had to be soft and adhesives had to be gentle.

Neotech would strive to introduce new or extended product lines each year; NeoLead, Little Sucker, and NeoBridge to name a few. Soon, NICU nurses and RTs would seek out Neotech and conference exhibits and ask, “what’s your new product?”

Beyond the NICU

As Neotech’s popularity grew, the need for their products expanded into the pediatric market. Products that were designed for preemies would soon offer larger sizes to meet demand. In 2012, Neotech Home Health was launched to help ensure that infants and children could receive their needed Neotech products at home.

“Patients who leave the hospital, still have medical needs when they get home,” said Judy McCrary, Director of Sales & Marketing. “Kids with [tracheostomy tubes] are a perfect example. We want to make sure that they continue to receive the EZCare Softouch.”

A Respiratory Company

The introduction of the RAM Cannula in 2011 is a significant milestone in the Neotech history timeline. It changed the face of the company. The addition of the RAM to products like the NeoBar, Little Sucker and EZCare cemented Neotech as leader in respiratory care. Soon after, the Neotech ChinStrap and NeoSeal were launched to continue along that path.

Moving forward Neotech will place an emphasis on respiratory care as we look to develop new and improved products. Of course, we will continue to make the products with skin friendly materials and manufacture them in the United States.

Neotech Milestones

Browse the Neotech history through a timeline of company and product milestones. Click Here

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