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Neonatal Electrodes

Tiny skin friendly N300 Mini NeoLead neoantal electrodes in use on preemie

Small Electrodes that are Long Lasting and Skin Friendly

The NeoLead® family of skin friendly neonatal electrodes offers a combination of hydrogel and hydrocolloid. 

Choose from Standard, Radiolucent (which are nearly invisible on x-rays), Mini, or Micro limb leads. Each features our patented combination of hydrogel and NeoBond® Hydrocolloid. The NeoBond border is designed to prevent the hydrogel from oozing or drying prematurely, which can cause competitive leads to fall off faster. The hydrocolloid also helps the neonatal electrodes to stay on longer which provides better stability for better tracings.

Competitive leads from Covidian, Meditrace, Cardinal, 3M, and more use hydrogel only. They fall off much easier. When warmed and applied correctly, our neonatal electrodes will stay on for up to five days. When leads stay in place, you get a better tracings.

NeoLead can also reduce nursing time required to reapply new electrodes frequently or check alarms due to slipping.

Tiny Preemies Need Tiny Electrodes

Neotech offers two extra small neonatal electrodes. The N300 Mini is about the size of a dime. It offers the same size sensor as our standard NeoLead, but has a much smaller footprint. The N306 Micro offers a limb lead that doesn’t wrap around the limb, yet holds effectively. The Micro is also radiolucent.

Our family of radiolucent NeoLeads do not need to be removed when taking x-rays. Which means that you don’t have to take time to remove and reapply.

All NeoLead ECG electrodes are pre-wired. The N315 offers a set of five leads for multi-channel continuous monitoring. They are ideal for larger pediatric patients.

Preemie with Hold-A-Line, NeoBar, and Micro NeoLead tiny electrodes

Skin Friendly NeoBond Hydrocolloid

When used correctly, NeoBond Hydrocolloid helps decrease the risk of damage to the fragile epidermis. Heat is the catalyst for hydrocolloid. The following steps are necessary to ensure the effectiveness of hydrocolloid based products. Warm NeoLead neonatal electrodes in your hands or under a heel warmer for best adhesion.

Saturate each electrode with water or saline before removing. Then slowly peel away from the skin as you continue to swab the skin.

Properly applying and removing NeoLead will help to reduce the risk of skin damage or irritation. Which is the ultimate goal when treating preemies.

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